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Welcome to Gogomodo Trivia! Your source for Second Life's best and most competitive trivia.

How does it work?
GogomodoTrivia.com has thousands of trivia questions and answers located centrally in a database. The in-world trivia object calls the database to retrieve a new question randomly. The question is then asked in chat, with the characters and spaces that make up the answer given as a clue.

For example:

If the answer is:
Jack Nicholson

Then the trivia object will show:
**** *********

If no one gets the answer within a few seconds, the trivia object will start to give clues. It will replace three of the astericks, one character at a time, to give additional clues.

Scores are kept daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and all-time.

How do I Answer Question and Score?
Simply say your answer using the Second Life chat bar. The trivia object listens to everyone who's within earshot of the object. When you get a correct answer, you are credited with one point kept on the high score list. If the area you are playing in has a team, the team is also credited with a point. This way, different hangouts in Second Life can complete with other other, while the individual also gets a point for playing!

Teams are easy to create as well! If your club, casino or hang out spot wants to form a team to compete with other spots on the grid, simple enter a team name into the DESCRIPTION field of the trivia object under EDIT --> GENERAL. Whatever you enter in the description field will be your team name.

Turning it Off!
The trivia prim does generate a lot of text in the chat area, which you may not want all the time. If the owner clicks on the trivia banner, it will turn off. Also, the owner can set the object to a group, and then anyone with that group title will be able to turn it on or off by clicking the banner.

Hosting a Location
To host a location, you can simply take a copy of any existing trivia object or get one for free at XStreetSL. Simply rez the object in world at the play location, and you'll automatically appear on the "Where" page of the web site.

The servers and bandwidth used to host GogomodoTrivia.com and pass the data in and out of Second Life require a monthly fee. This is being offset by sponsorships. Once every ten questions (each question lasting about 30 to 45 seconds), the trivia prim will switch the sponsor banner and remind those playing to help keep trivia free by visiting out sponsors. Many sponsors have chosen to include freebie packs for those that click on the trivia object banner area! The script only runs when people are within the twenty meter chat range. The flat fee for 30 days of sponsorship with unlimited impressions is L$5,000. Your ad will be shown equally to all other current sponsors grid-wide on all Gogomodo Trivia locations (there are almost 100, typically!).

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