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Today - Individual
misssy Neiro293
DanteOsaka Deschanel19
FrederiqueEilish McMillan7
Chaddington Boomhauer3
iAmThePortal Resident3
Toni Stickfigure2
tylernova Resident2
Today - Team
Black Eyed Pea293
Twilight Cove26
Zoo Bar3
$L TRIVIA CAFE ~ Isabel 3
This Week - Individual
Beach Beebe6276
misssy Neiro3982
Dilon Mocha1865
richc2k4 Resident1857
crazyPea Resident975
disruptiveTechnology Resident561
Draxtyn Tremor298
ThePhoenix Fireguard272
thatgypsy Resident220
EndOfTheYear Resident189
10by10by10 Pixelmaid136
Bonnie Soir126
SeaMaturin Resident85
PepsiCherry Resident78
AmyShark Resident55
This Week - Team
The Station8150
Black Eyed Pea5007
The Silver Garage2236
$L TRIVIA CAFE ~ Isabel 384
Twilight Cove371
Tranquil Falls156
* VIRTUAL *147
The Queendom of Gaia80
Under Construction Trivia Group69
Zoo Bar46
Canis Beach27
Sharons Diner10
Unwinding Hour9
WinterCharm Magic5
This Month - Individual
Beach Beebe28995
richc2k4 Resident16759
Dilon Mocha10764
misssy Neiro3982
Saffi Collas3456
disruptiveTechnology Resident3383
Nicolina Cale2225
thatgypsy Resident1419
Kavanagh Resident1086
crazyPea Resident975
Draxtyn Tremor842
Phenomenull Popstar803
Shale Nightfire340
ThePhoenix Fireguard272
Lillie Olifone245
This Month - Team
The Station33132
The Silver Garage21457
Black Eyed Pea5011
Sharons Diner2447
The Queendom of Gaia2332
Tranquil Falls1158
Twilight Cove1045
Zoo Bar542
$L TRIVIA CAFE ~ Isabel 458
The World of Georgia402
eBid ZeroFee Auction 367
* VIRTUAL *195
Under Construction Trivia Group69
Unwinding Hour59
This Year - Individual
Beach Beebe143110
Dilon Mocha42326
richc2k4 Resident26490
Nicolina Cale24213
Draxtyn Tremor19270
Saffi Collas13191
misssy Neiro3982
disruptiveTechnology Resident3383
thatgypsy Resident2055
Kavanagh Resident2052
chasewestin Resident1904
TheClive Resident1732
Fiz Laval1362
Miles Corinthian1342
DanteOsaka Deschanel1289
This Year - Team
The Station178311
Twilight Cove25406
The Queendom of Gaia24931
The Silver Garage24351
Sharons Diner8982
Black Eyed Pea5606
Tranquil Falls2994
Zoo Bar2189
Unwinding Hour1941
$L TRIVIA CAFE ~ Isabel 990
Under Construction Trivia Group986
The World of Georgia621
eBid ZeroFee Auction 577
All Time - Individual
Beach Beebe1318910
freya Morgath622892
Draxtyn Tremor436597
Elder Lubitsch345536
MyFatherSmelledOf Alderbury316430
DeborahAnn Capalini262398
Fiona DuCasse220278
Georgia Caerndow206683
Dilon Mocha187973
Ella Jansma175750
Nicolina Cale174492
Pim Strom170631
Samohung Johin153348
Francine Susanti146340
FidgetOh Resident144571
All Time - Team
Cafe Trivia2653348
Fantasy Isles2002369
Twilight Cove1372238
Tranquil Falls884625
cuppycake gumdrop532933
Club AMS449022
Zoo Bar300826
The Station287494
Sunflower Trivia233977
Sunrise Trivia192068
Artemis Tavern174200
The Cats Lair170011
Mood Indigo166420
The Queendom Of Gaia163580

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