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Today - Individual
Nicolina Cale262
Draxtyn Tremor100
ElizabethCadyStanton Resident17
Today - Team
The Queendom of Gaia262
Twilight Cove100
$L TRIVIA CAFE ~ Isabel 17
This Week - Individual
Beach Beebe3118
Nicolina Cale1614
Draxtyn Tremor826
ElizabethCadyStanton Resident156
91 Luminos52
Pierrette Landar21
100Cents Resident20
Fiz Laval20
JayBoyd3 Resident19
Doman Onmura15
traceyanne Resident6
almost44 Babii5
Nikkki Resident2
Elle Selenium2
Harriboette Resident1
This Week - Team
The Station3118
The Queendom of Gaia1775
Twilight Cove689
$L TRIVIA CAFE ~ Isabel 175
Black Eyed Pea46
Sharons Diner6
The Cats Lair2
Romantica palace Trivia1
This Month - Individual
Beach Beebe12360
Nicolina Cale5585
Draxtyn Tremor2652
Fiz Laval200
ElizabethCadyStanton Resident156
DanteOsaka Deschanel108
91 Luminos84
Saffi Collas71
Doman Onmura65
JeremyGlyn Resident47
100Cents Resident44
Miles Corinthian25
TheClive Resident24
Pierrette Landar21
JayBoyd3 Resident19
This Month - Team
The Station12207
The Queendom of Gaia5853
Twilight Cove2687
$L TRIVIA CAFE ~ Isabel 190
Black Eyed Pea87
Tranquil Falls82
eBid ZeroFee Auction 78
The World of Georgia75
Under Construction Trivia Group71
Sharons Diner51
Unwinding Hour24
The Cats Lair2
Zoo Bar2
Romantica palace Trivia2
This Year - Individual
Beach Beebe97396
Draxtyn Tremor27565
Saffi Collas11539
Trullii Resident9296
Nicolina Cale7396
FidgetOh Resident4986
Blowie2 Resident2962
TheClive Resident2940
Chaddington Boomhauer2487
Shale Nightfire2155
chasewestin Resident1904
DanteOsaka Deschanel1888
Fiz Laval1785
Kavanagh Resident1701
Saffron Solo1693
This Year - Team
The Station96622
Twilight Cove45780
The Queendom of Gaia7852
Sharons Diner7807
Tranquil Falls5660
Zoo Bar5406
Under Construction Trivia Group4930
Unwinding Hour3100
$L TRIVIA CAFE ~ Isabel 915
Black Eyed Pea503
* VIRTUAL *428
eBid ZeroFee Auction 420
All Time - Individual
Beach Beebe1240355
freya Morgath622892
Draxtyn Tremor431871
Elder Lubitsch345536
MyFatherSmelledOf Alderbury316430
DeborahAnn Capalini262398
Fiona DuCasse220278
Georgia Caerndow206683
Ella Jansma175750
Pim Strom170631
Nicolina Cale157440
Samohung Johin153348
Francine Susanti146316
Dilon Mocha145647
FidgetOh Resident144571
All Time - Team
Cafe Trivia2653348
Fantasy Isles2002369
Twilight Cove1367108
Tranquil Falls883026
cuppycake gumdrop532933
Club AMS449022
Zoo Bar298735
Sunflower Trivia233977
Sunrise Trivia192044
Artemis Tavern174200
The Station173317
The Cats Lair170008
Mood Indigo166420
Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong #942155406

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